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HTML5 has become one of the trendiest topics. The promise of simplifying design and development due to new tags has created an enormous impact on the media and more than a few developers have grown expectations around it.

Nikolai Onken, Co-founder, JavaScript company uxebu, will do a workshop on day 2 of Mobile 2.0 Europe – openIDEAS about the use of HTML5 in developing apps.

A quickstart into cross-platform HTML5 mobile development.

We all want to target more than one platform when developing mobile apps and the only widespread “platform” you can use to achieve this is the browser running JavaScript and HTML5.

In this workshop Nikolai Onken, will give you an overview of how to write mobile apps using HTML5, the different useable runtimes, frameworks and patterns that have proven to be helpful in mobile development.

You will dive into PhoneGap, writing mobile ready JavaScript, debugging and testing apps and maybe even start looking into how to breathe more life into your apps through talking to hardware.

After this workshop you will have a good overview of how and where to start when diving into mobile development and what the proper tools are for you to get the job done.

About Nikolai Onken, Co-founder, JavaScript company uxebu.

Nikolai has been developing web applications since 1997 and since then continuously been involved with open source projects such as the Dojo Toolkit. Since 2008, mobile cross platform development has been the primary focus of Nikolais work and he is pushing the browser as platform forward through projects like HumanAPI. Bein a co-founder of Europe based JavaScript company uxebu, Nikolai now is developing tools ( for developers to make mobile HTML5 development easier. You can find him at one of the many JS events if he’s not building mobile JavaScript applications reading or controlling hardware.


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