Mobile, Multiplatform and Trans Media: Designing for the Connected World

Day one of Mobile 2.0 Europe – openIDEAS Conference includes presentations by industry experts from innovative companies working in the mobile area. One of these companies is FJORD. FJORD has been pioneering the art and science of digital service design since they  started out nearly ten years ago.

Fjord has a track record of analysing in depth the long-term underlying patterns of innovation and change in digital technology. That’s how they help clients to build real innovation into their interfaces and products. FJORD understands ‘new mobility’ – it’s beyond the mobile phone but about today’s mobile lifestyle.

Andy Goodman, Managing Director at FJORD will do a talk on Media consumption in a Mobile and Multi-device world, including some of the Key mobile consumption drivers:

  • - Snacking – time filling and boredom killing
  • - Location and context awareness – we know where you are and what you are doing
  • - Bodies in Motion – the faster we move the less we can interact
  • - Identity and presence – you are your SIM
  • - Device Limitations – degrade services gracefully
  • - Content services are moving towards a device agnostic paradigm, so your content travels with you effortlessly.
  • - Understanding the purpose of each device in a multi-screen world is the key to delivering great experiences.

About Andy Goodman, Managing Director at Fjord.

Andy is a pragmatic creative, shaping his work around a deep understanding of people, technology and markets. He’s been a digital native since 1994 when he was hired to write a documentary called “Secrets of the Internet”. After a few years playing around in the Games and Interactive TV industries he fell in love with mobile, and now runs the Madrid studio of Fjord, a leading Service Design agency. Here he helps some of the worlds biggest brands transform their businesses through user-centered thinking.


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