The future of mobile at Mobile 2.0 Europe

The Mobile 2.0 Europe – openIDEAS 2011 Conference in Barcelona started with a keynote and a panel about the future for mobile technology and industry. Development and innovation, the role for developers, Internet of things, software and hardware and the relation between mobility and humans were part of the subjects.

Carlos Domingo, Telefonica R+D CEO, started with a keynote followed by the panel formed by Domingo himself plus Peter Vesterbacka, Angry Birds Mighty Eagle, Jaques van Niekerk, MIH CTO, Simon Best, Orange Group Senior Director moderated by Martin Duval, Bluenove Founder and CEO. Both keynote and panel had the intention of analysing the future mobile scenarios.

Nowadays smartphones mean an example of how our devices and objects will be connected in the near future, users will be sending and receiving a huge amount of thata that will have a strong impact in the way we live, and all this thanks to mobile.

To analyse the reason why mobile Internet has such a great impact on us, its important to understand the fact that users are humans and humans like to move. Users have been static since computers arrived to their lives only because technology wouldn’t allow them to move.

Carlos Domingo quoted Matt Galligan: “The future of mobile is the future of everything”.

In the next 10 years there will be 50 billion objects connected to Internet, mobile data will grow 50 times, smart cities will be possible due to the big amount of organized information and the content distribution model, including apps, will give a bigger share to creators (and developers) because the channels for digital distribution will be strong enough that traditional channels wont be necessary.


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