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Apps selected to pitch for AppCircus @ Mobile 2.0 Europe

More than 40 mobile applications applied to pitch for AppCircus@Mobile 2.0, we are very pleased with such a great turnout of innovative apps that showed interest in flying to Barcelona to be at our event. First a big thank you to all the App Artists that applied, without you we would not be where we are today. The online jury selected 12 apps to be part of the Mobile 2.0 Conference. In no particular order they are:

Panorama4D. App for taking 3D photos directly with your iPhone4 or iPad2. – True and real 3D depth. No fake 3D.

Nomad Analytics. Allows blackberry users to check Google Analytics from their mobile device.

Koleixo. Classroom management for teacher. Application for professors / teachers who wish to have comprehensive control over the classroom.


Voicemod. An app not just for hearing your voice modulated, it´s feeling that your voice has changed.



Radiome. Add your social networks plus mail contacts and music lists and you are all set. RadioMe is perfect for driving, cycling, working out. It is the radio station that plays your life.



Scandit. Shop, share and compare products with Scandit, the barcode scanning app that helps you shop smarter and save money.



SpeakingPal. This apps brings education to your mobile and turns it into a virtual English tutor.



Mobile Accesibility. This application has been designed for people who are blind. A screen-access application which allows people who are blind or have low vision to use an Android phone in an intuitive, easy and simple way.



Mobitto. This application allows users to find the best deals available around them. It is based on real-time discounts, offers and promotions and takes users privacy into account.



Mr. Shape Touch Card. App of picture cards for kids, with a lot of fun and a beautiful interface. “Mr.shape” is originally created for an animation short movie, written and directed by Motohiro Shirakawa.



Spotmole. does a quick check of your skin spots and moles using the phone’s camera or gallery. SpotMole may detect signs of melanoma using image processing and pattern recognition techniques.



MyChoicePad. app to use the Makaton Language Programme (symbols, signs and speech) to help children and adults with learning or communication disabilities to communicate.

These are all the apps that will pitch for 3 minutes on the main stage at Mobile 2.0 Europe – openIDEAS, we look forward in hearing their stories and also talk personally during the networking with their creators. If you would like to attend the event, please get your ticket here.


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